Should I go back to work?

I want to go back to work. I am on social security disability SSD and will go down to the office to talk to them because I am ready to return to work. Does anyone know if they do job placement? I just went to school for graphic design and want to work again??


Social Security will often refer you to vocational rehabilitation agencies. I would recommend you give voc rehab a try, to learn skills to return to work and be gently eased back into the workforce.

It can be a shock to your system to just jump back in, especially if you’ve been disabled for a few years. Voc rehab will prepare you and let you test the waters first.

Plus, you get to keep your full benefit amount while in voc rehab, and will not have to undergo Continuing Disability Reviews.




Thank you !!! I will do that. :smile:

Here in California I have attended “Vocational programs” for the mentally ill. There goal is to prepare you to get back to work by taking slow, small steps to get you ready. They hold classes in such thing as writing resumes, mock interviews.filling out applications etc.
We also have MANY employment agencies that cater to disabled people and some that target target the mentally ill specifically. They also hold classes but they take a more proactive role in getting the disabled jobs. They often have ties in the community with employers. So while a vocational program might prepare you generally for some job but they don’t have any leads to openings while the employment agencies will have lists of job openings to help you find a job.

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I think one of Social Security’s Progams for getting the disabled back to work is called Ticket to Work. Our government wants to support folks in getting back to employment and staying that way.


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I highly recommend going back part time to start… I went back to work after 2 years on disability and got thrown into a full time corporate cubicle that required a lot of overtime. I got burned out after about 3 years and ended back up on disability. I don’t have a strong desire to go back to that life ever again.

yes…no…maybe…i am trying to be supportive.
take care

And you know that you can stay on SSDI while you work, right?

I emailed someone from the Ticket to Work program and they directed me to another site. I’m actually feeling major anxiety. So I think I will just finish school and relax for a minute. I am starting to feel very afraid, and getting emotional about it. Just scared. I think scared to open up to others in a personal setting. I would love a work from home position. lol I’m getting social anxiety from these thoughts.

If you’re starting to feel triggered from the thought of going back to work, perhaps this isn’t the right time.

You need to be stable and solid before attempting to re-enter the workforce. Otherwise, you’re just going to make your symptoms worse and end up relapsing.

There will come a time when you’re truly ready. And you will know when it’s right.



I’m not going to rush about it. That’s for sure. And keep thinking about it. Thank you for your feedback. I never thought I’d be on disability. I feel like I should be able to work. And I think I can. Just feeling anxious. So going to slow down.

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I have never heard of SSD, but I have been on SSI and SSDI.

I was maybe 26 years old when I first got on SSI. Then, I went back to work. When I became ill again, they were very hesitant to reinstate my SSI.


I think I am on SSDI. This is crazy to have something that can creep back up on you. You really have to do daily management. When I miss my med for a day, it throws off three days and I’ve been on meds for 2 years straight, the same med.

I think even a small job for me in addition to the stuff I do for my family might have a significant positive impact on our finances… even if I only profited $5 a day that would mean $1200 more to work with in our budget (and that’s with 4 weeks vacation :slight_smile: ) I think the thing for me is not to get too caught up in spending what I earn. I have a nasty tendency of overspending when my income goes up… kind of like how I tend to overeat when I exercise too much.