Should i get myself admitted to psych hospital


meds aint working for me again…trying to fight this illness…I fear getting admitted to psych hospital as I had an awful stay there last September…voices kept telling me to humiliate myself, voices keep telling me to make humiliating narcissitic comments about myself eg on a scale OF 1 TO 10 HOW DO YOU RATE MY LOOKS, ID GIVE MYSELF AN 8,…I THINK I HAVE A BOD TO DIE FOR, GIRLS LOVE MY BOD

voices keep telling me to shout these sort of things out publicly in front of people…its so humiliating


Only you can make that decision. If you feel like you need to go, then go. Good luck to you. :sauropod::sauropod::sauropod:


Yes, if you feel you need help then go to hospital.


does anyone relate to this mad, humiliating comments that I made in original post


Only in that you need help. And it’s Friday night. So your doctor probably won’t be available till Monday. So hospital is your only option right now.


hey guys im getting a bit disappointed…does anyone relate to my original post…im doing these humiliating things over and over…


why would that be humiliating

no, but I’ve said I’m prettier than a woman who looks like me

and I wasn’t psychotic

are they impulsive thoughts? racing thoughts? voices inside your head?


I’ve had thoughts telling me to yell out the N word to black people. I hate that word.


yes, my voices appeared racist

it was so upsetting, because I’m definitely not

I’ve dated black guys, and know of black females

as co workers and friends.


Sometimes I get worried that I will start saying things that offend people. There was this one girl who came to our assisted living center who actually said things like you mentioned. She was pretty offensive about it. A guy blew up on her and drug her outside and tried to keep her there. That was pretty hard, but maybe she needed it.