Should I get in touch with old foster carer on facebook?

I recently noticed my old foster mother signed up to facebook, I lived with her from age 11 to 17 and although I hated living with them because we didn’t get on she and my foster father helped me transition from childhood to adult and did a food job. Looking back I do have very fond memories living there. We grew apart and lost touch when I was 24 (now 32) When I was first hospitalised at 25 for SZA the doctors wanted some background information on me so I gave them my foster parents phone number and I heard a little later that they didn’t want contact with me. I think they stopped fostering. I have moved on with my life and respect their decision. The thing is I really want all my childhood photos. Should I contact her on facebook and ask for them? If so how do I go about it?/

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its up to you, maybe say hi and say you are sorry its been so long and you dont want anything but just wondering if you could share some photos if you still have them and who knows you could meet for coffee or something, they probably were scared about that then, i wouldnt take it personally :slight_smile:

Getting in touch doesnt mean you move back in. All you need is a cup of tea and 30 minutes at a tea table. Im sure they would be happy to see what you have grown to be.

That’s a tough call. It could be really good or really bad. I say take the risk.

Yeah. That’s a tough call. Really listen to your intuition. Then again my grandmother used to say,“When in doubt, don’t.” I wish I had listened to her

How hurt would you be if she deleted your friend request? Would that be better or worse than not knowing?

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