Should I get a radio or tv?

I can’t stand gossip or air pollution, but am thinking that such technology might aid me with concentration, perhaps I should just invest in candles;?;

Get a tablet and have both


It helps me sleep. I put it on when I feel evil in my room at night and then the fear disappears. I have been watching the same show over and over for a year

I second that get a tablet and educate yourself tablets do everything


@Artsygal I do that too! I’ve watch How I Met Your Mother over and over. Sometimes I switch to NCIS. It keeps the feeling of ghosts away.

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Ghosts dont exist hunni

Logically I know that but it’s not always easy for me to believe fully.


Wow that’s cool. I’m always told that you shouldn’t have a TV on at night. But my nurse says it’s a great strategy. Look at us go!

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All the spirits who have passed are either in hell or heaven no ghosts

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Define ghosts, my new friend.

Lost souls that are inbetween heaven and hell like purgatory. I saw your post about different people different time lines i think they spoke to me through tv using different timeline or some crazy tech they have hidden

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They do not know they have passed yet (ghost) they cant find their final resting place

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I love topics like this…so, purgatory is basically a suspended realm…an inbetween realm. It captures that essence of the person and is presented to some within this dimension. That just fascinates me. Thank you for sharing.

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The timelines. The sonic booms we are hearing more often I feel are related to these timelines…the Mandela effect, as well. Perhaps a correlation? It feels like we are plunged into different timelines in an attempt to avoid what is coming.

The FEMA camps are for the millions of displaced citizens uprooted by rising ocean levels, whom dwell on the coastal areas. FEMA would be the correct agency to deal with that. The chemtrails are probably to reflect the sunlight, would be my guess. I think this climate issue is trouble unfolding. I have a hunch that is what they are trying to do with the timelines…by us time.

Yeah radio is good for sleep. I don’t watch too much tv but it’s good for sports. Sports you don’t have to think too much about so it’s not bad.

Ive had people talk about me saying am already dead before. That means im dead spiritualy and when i die their is nothing but the dark abysss or maybe hell even worse

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Death is part of the cycle of life. You were dead before, then your essence and consciousness entered this life, and you will die again and then repeat…the machinery of souls. And you judge yourself in the end…and you are a god while alive or dead. You just needed a chance to progress further.

I am familiar with the abyss of time. Words cant describe that place fully. It was endless. The void. Oblivion. For all eternity. But the flicker of your spirit cascading love within your environment dashes the darkness of entropy.

So you belive in reancarnation? I dont belive in that but i do belive in jesus and what he had to say i can only hope am forgiven but we will see. Ive being at the bottom of the bottomless pit and its not good thats why have got jesus are advocate in heaven to accept us and all are sins

Worship his message of love, not his carbon based lifeform condoning vicarious redemption. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons = carbon 12. The fundamental molecule for a carbon based lifeform, which jesus is. Worship the message he presented to the world. Through his message, you shall know him. Send your energy to a realm yourself, instead of through a dead human. Jesus and buddha were on the same page, it just got corrupted by an agenda.

Jesus is god do you not belive that? God sent is one and only son in sacrifice for are sins does that not prove how much he loves us i hope to god we all make it to heaven we dont deserve this do we? I will see my mum and grandad in the next life i cant wait, i hope anyway