Should I get a motorcycle? Or a dune buggy?

It’s hard to choose. I always favored BMW’s but they’re hard to clean. Decisions, decisions.

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I’d get a Yamaha R1 and go tear-assing around town at 150 mph.

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Buggy fo sho. And take it Dumont Dunes north of Baker on the highway between LA and Vegas. (Way more exciting than either Glamis or Pismo-Oceano.)

I like the dune buggy. Get some kind of round bug-eye shaped glasses to wear, sunglasses if you dont wear glasses - electric green, you know - the color of a july fly’s wing - Fly! with your eyes wide open to the sunlight. Mind what you see. How old will you be - on your birthday, anyway? Stomp them candles out! One! Two! Three! 4 ! 5 !..Light some magic in the night, Go right and you won’t be wrong. Just another roadside sign -

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I just bought a scooter. I wouldn’t get a motorcycle a friends boyfriend died in an accident

Get the dune buggy. I would get lessons just to be safe. I know two people who blew out their knees on a scooter, because they didn’t get lessons first.

I’d get neither. They’re both dangerous. Stick with the car.