Should i forgive?

my father in law for a lack of better words is an ■■■■■■■. and he didn’t know kay told me the mean things he has said behind my back like calling me a blimp, or calling me dumbass. or the countless other names he has called me. he calls his own nieces and nephews names too behind their backs. so i don’t know i just don’t know if i can get over it. he doesn’t understand mental illness so he clashes with his one mentally ill niece and that has led to some problems

Not forgiving him would only be hurting you.

Let it go…


Forgiveness is hard when the person keeps hurting you again and again. Maybe you can worry about forgiving him when you live in a safe place and he no longer has power over you.


Well what do you expect from a complete as*hole? Nothing bad that you write about him surprises me anymore. The only way this jerk could surprise me is if he did something halfway decent in his lifetime. But I know that will never happen.

I have forgived and not forgave. I have forgiven certain people and certain people I haven’t. Has it ruined my life? No, I get along with my life fine and dandy, just choose not to forgive some people.

I heard a lot of people say if you don’t forgive you will hold hate and anger in your heart and that’s not the case with me. I am a very happy person who just chooses to forgive depending on how much it hurt me.

I suppose this hurt’s you very much. You don’t have to forgive to move on and be happy, but maybe you could say something like “this idiot will always be himself, and never change, so I choose not to think about him anymore” and move on with life just fine. Although it is your uncle and he is family so it’s really tough to call.

I don’t think the thing is to forgive but just enjoy learning what a glorious ■■■■■■■ he is and learn to enjoy the limits of his feeble mind.