Should i follow a diabetic diet on olanzapine?

Will it give me any benefit

I would suggest a calorie restricted diet with increased activity. It will hopefully at least slow the weight gain if not reverse it.

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Did they not bring a version of this drug out with less propensity for weight gain?


Yes, it’s called Lybalvi here in the States

Olanzapine/Samidorphan combo


Ah yes! That’s the one

I’d suggest that as a starting point if you can get it in your area

When I was on 20mg Olanzapine for two years my weight exploded


It’s crazy, @joker I’m on 2.5mg abilify and I still can’t jog.

Anyway will try to do pilates at some point. @flowerfairy, physical activity may also help with insulin sensitivity and help reduce risk of diabetes on that drug. As well as just eating generally balanced and moderately.

Good luck.

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