Should I feel bad I'm able to afford holidays/vacations abroad while being on benefits?

Should I feel bad I’m able to afford holidays/vacations abroad while being on social security benefits when my support staff who are on minimum wage can’t afford take holidays/vacations. I feel bad that I have a level of disposable income that enables me to go on holiday abroad, Europe and Asia 3 times a year. I’m only allowed to leave the country for 27 days at a time as this is what benefit rules stipulate and I also need my monthly depot… I haven’t overestimated my disabilities on benefit forms. My care team are happy with me travelling and actively encourage it, I just feel bad about it though

Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone has it tough in some way or another.


I agree.

They might own their own homes and spend their money on other things…

It’s unprofessional of them to tell you they can’t afford it.

Really unprofessional!

Nothing to feel bad about.

I am on disability pension but I can’t afford holidays.
But I have a horse and can afford to have her.:two_hearts:


Your disposable income is giving you some quality of life. Enjoy it.


Everyone has different priorities that they put their disposable income to. I have kids so they take up my extra cash. Some people it’s their car or their housing etc etc. Don’t feel bad

Don’t worry about. Life ain’t fair or equal. Just enjoy yourself while you can, it might not last.


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