Should I even bother weaning off sleep meds

So the ideal scenario with sleep meds is I wean off them after my sleep is stable for a certain period of time and get my sleep independent again, as I’ve done in the past. However I wonder if this is even worthwhile?

+Most sleep meds you can become physically dependent on long term & are not intended to be on long term so may come with health issues
+I gain tolerance to sleep meds quickly so I often have to change them
+they can sedate me into the next day and cancel out modafinil

-Eventually something will happen that will disrupt my sleep again, I’m putting myself at risk for experiencing more trauma, it could be months from now, or weeks
-Going off sleep meds is really hard and results in pretty severe insomnia for around 2 weeks straight

Waddya think

My doctor at the VA keeps wanting to take me off of Lunesta because I have sleep apnea. I have another doctor just in case.

I am not willing to give that up. It is too important for my stability but of course I wish I didn’t need it but I do. Every now and again I try going to sleep without one and I never have any luck.

I have used Valerian Root tablets since Friday to help me sleep and they seem ok, they are like an organic vallium.

I’ve gone through the nonsense… I say give it a shot. It’s not like your going to turn into the hulk. Your brain will fix itself with time… In the meantime find something to do if you can’t sleep. But be aware if you have responsibilities it might affect you so fight it. You might get sleepy

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I’m gonna start weaning off. Going off the seroquel first cuz I’m already on the lowest possible dose of that. Then I’ll cut the benzo in half eventually and then go off that.

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