Should I eat today?

I don’t know :frowning: I binged on a few grapes earlier but I’m getting bad thoughts again whenever I eat.

  • Yes
  • No

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@Jesspresso your posts worry me a lot. :anguished:

Just remember I love you and I hope you are well…


You need to eat. Try to eat something with some protean. It will stay in your system better. Try to make yourself eat, say, at least one egg, or something like that, or maybe a little beef jerky, if that’s available. If you’re worried about calories, beef jerky has a lot of protean in relation to the calories it has.


Does your ill-famed team know about these thoughts? :confused:

@Jonnybegood Thank you :sparkling_heart:

@crimby I’m not sure if I need protein but I’ll wait until I have permission

@zeno I told them before and they nodded their heads

Clearly, you should be eating every day.

You know you need to eat,

You know grapes are not a binge,

Why are you doing this?

Is it to get attention from your psych team?

To be taken seriously?

We’ve talked about eating disorders before, I know I told you that I struggled/struggle with that too.

This doesn’t feel like an eating disorder thing,

Are you doing this in order to be hospitalized?

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You might not need as much protean as a body builder, but you’re young, and you probably need at least some protean. One thing protean does is regulate your blood sugar, so you don’t get hunger pangs, if that bothers you. It also stays in your stomach longer, so you don’t feel hungry from that. Try to get, say, at least twenty grams of protean a day. That’s a small amount compared to what some people get.


You’re right… not eating is always what I’ve done since becoming a teenager when things aren’t going how I would like and/or there is uncertainty ahead.

I don’t want to get sucked back in though… it’s easy for me to think i’ll be happy and everything will be lovely when I lose X amount of weight, but I remember all the times I lost a lot of weight, I felt like absolute s*** and binged uncontrollably for days or weeks after.

I don’t think I have an eating disorder anymore but I keep getting temptations like the thoughts are testing me. As you can tell, my thoughts are still very messed up!!

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I know your symptoms are really bothering you,

I just hope you’ll keep healthy while you try to get it under control.

Go eat something!


If your case manager or Dr or anyone like that knows you’re afraid to eat, and they’re doing nothing about it, you need a new case manager or Dr. Seriously. You need to get some therapy right away. Eating is essential to life. Being healthy about what you eat is good, but you at least need to do that. Eat lean protein, veggies, fruit, and whole grains.

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