Should I cut back on coffee

I drink about 3/4th a pot a day. It helps me function and stay awake but in the afternoon I have been getting mild depression. I think maybe it could be due to the coffee. What do you guys think?

It could be from the caffeine crash. Maybe you can spread out your intake and stop drinking at about 3pm? This way by 9pm you’d be ready to sleep.

That’s what I am thinking. The weird thing is that I never had it before.

Depression is still lingering wonder if it still is the coffee.

Digesting coffee? Eighty percent of the immune system is in the gut. Poor digesting can cause increased inflammation which is related to mood and anxiety problems in some individuals. Coffee is hard on the GI tract of some individuals.

In the absence of psychiatric symptoms, coffee seems to have health benefits and is likely not detrimental to your health. However, coffee can cause or worsen the symptoms of anxiety. If you notice this happening to you, then I would recommend eliminating caffeine.

Coffee’s energy boost may help depression, but often depression is accompanied by anxiety so pay attention to how you feel.


Usually I limit the amount of caffeine I have because it will contribute to anxiety. Also I notice I start drinking a lot when I’m hypo-manic and it definitely contributes to sleep disturbances.

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It’s weird because I’m fluctuating between mild depression and having a little bit of energy.

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I’m firmly in the mild depression arena, Maybe I will drink 3/4 pot of coffee and see if I can bump up into the little bit of energy category so I can make dinner. lol

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Yeah maybe lol

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I think maybe I am having been having mixed episodes

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for me a pretty good sign of a mixed episode is agitation. Like to the point you are consumed by it, it won’t go unnoticed. I will madly pace back and forth wanting to just hit someone. Which is very out of character for me, I’m very passive. Do you notice anything out of the usual in yourself?

Restlessness and feeling kinda elated.

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OH, and feeling depressed at the same time? Oh yea you could be coming up to a mixed state. Have you been doing any of your “bad behaviors” that you do when you’re manic?

Not really but I feel like doing weird things though.

what kind of weird things, like go out and talk to a bunch of people? or go out and charge up your credit cards? or sky dive?

It embarrassing things like shouting for no reason or licking doorknobs.

Oh my! That doesn’t sound very good. Please don’t lick doorknobs, they are quite germy. Sometimes it feels good to yell out, but it could call attention to yourself and that’s when we have a tendency to get put in the hospital because other people think we aren’t in control of ourselves. So probably best not to go outside and yell, unless you’re in the country and have acres. But I can sense your restlessness. I think maybe you should cut down on the coffee for a little bit just in case you’ve got some little mania coming up.

Yeah it’s been so long since I have had manicky feeling probably a year and a half. It is mostly psychosis and depression.

I just got over a manic episode. I had absolutely no insight. No clue whatsoever that I was manic. I told them at the hospital I was anxious. They repeatedly told me that i was confusing the symptoms but it took a little bit of time for me to see it. Now I’m like it was so obvious, why couldn’t I see it? Not sleeping, not eating, opened up a new credit card and charged it up, racing thoughts all the hallmarks but I didn’t see it. Now the inevitable pendulum swing of depression and viola.

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Yeah mood swings suck

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