Should I come off my antipsychotic now or should I wait for the duration that my psych doctor told me

I want to become healthy and stop taking aripriprazole depot 300ml reason is because I’m getting alot of side affects. Inability to focus/concentrate,lack of motivation feeling a sense of urgency in my body like I’m constantly tense. Sleeping issues inability to do my hobbies compulsive shopping. Inability to save money,painful periods. I’m now getting what seems to be painful muscle spasms. And eyes rolling up sometimes… I feel like because I do not hear voices or see things I can counteract it by exercising and good health plus supplements. Is this a bad way to approach things and has this worked for anyone else.

Edit. I dont actually know if I heard voices or not but I dont think I did. My psychosis is persicutory and primarily involved one of my neighbors spying on me. I no long get these thoughts any more.

Your doctor knows your case the best and you should listen to them.


yea talk to your pdoc about it… if he agrees to come off APs then you can try it.

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