Should i change med

ive been having a poor time lately…the voices are driving me round the twist…im getting lots of command hallucinations…

im currently n 800mg quetiapine and 30mg clopixol

im a bit nervous about changing meds but im doing poorly…

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Its how you feel. Its mostly so that we get an favourite medicine…

I think you should. A med change could change your life. Sorry you have to put up with voices

@Yellowdiamond …what do you mean

I meant everyone has that one med that works.

The one I take is a leashed Valium…like the Stones’ song “Mother’s Little Helper”
Risperdone is Valium without the addictive side affect.

Whatever the medication it’s to slow down the chemical dump in the brain so that if there are too many receptors picking up too much interference it will slow the creation of those receptors.

That being said; have you tried meditation?

Zyprexa stopped command hallucinations for me. It’s funny, cuz I still get voices a lot… but the medicine seems to have made them stop giving me commands. It also made the nice voice much more common than the mean one. It’s definitely worth trying another med if the voices are commanding you… I get it, that’s a really stressful part of this disease.

Quetiapine is seroquel, right? That med did absolutely nothing for me. Everybody’s different but in my case I needed a different med for sure.

You could look into Clozapine. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

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Are you by any chance a clozapine success story? Me and the psychiatrist are thinking of trying it to see if we can’t get rid of the voices entirely.

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I would not say a success story, but it helps a lot. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

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