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Should I buy this puppy? 🐶


Have you trained a dog before?

Do they do obedience/training classes near where you live? They used to run them at my village hall!


He looks cute and reminds me of this dog I had when I was a kid. I love the way our puppy used to play with the cat when I was younger. The dog was so over happy and rambunctious that the cat would sometimes have enough. So she would push the dog over and run and hide!


I got a dachshund 6 months ago and she’s great. Her name is Chex. You NEED that dog. So cute.


I’m not fond of dogs so, I can’t say anything. I’m more of a cat person.


Just be careful that the puppy isn’t from a puppy mill.



Dogs are a lot of work, and you could be looking at a 15-20 year commitment.

Just sayin…


They’re a lot of work


That’s pretty true actually never thought about that at the animal shelter I was at all the small dogs were old. Weird…guess they’re too cute to abandon when they’re younger :roll_eyes:

That pup looks very precious!! Also if you have a hard time waking up your puppy will help you with that they will whine and cry endlessly! Lol! (Wake you up at night too and need to go potty and whatnot so keep that in mind you’ll not be getting great sleep for a while)