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Should I buy this puppy? 🐶


He is available to buy from the owner. I wish I can adopt but adoption dogs are very big unfortunately and the small ones are too old :frowning:

This puppy is available to buy. The only reason not to get him is I have a hard time waking up some days. Not sure about that. What is your opinion?


I like him! If I recall you work from home. Might be good company.


If you are able to look after the pup, then why not.
Is he part Dachshund? He is adorable! :slight_smile:


Omg yes! That is such a cute wee puppy


He kinda looks like you in the face, it would be adorable to see him around with you in selfies and what not.


If you can’t get up early enough, expect to find stains on the carpet of you know what!

Will you have to train the puppy?


Thank you everybody. Since adopting my cat :cat: I am already much less lonely and having fun too petting her and talking to her. A dog addition will also make me go out more, walk and also I am in a better place right now.

I can train him for sure. Dachshund is the small breed dog I like the most.

Not sure about the early mornings because I feel so drowsy sometimes because of medication. :worried:


:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: thank you @Arturo


You’re Welcome~ ♫


My dog skip says yes you should get him but only if you feel able give the care a dog needs. I agree with him because well is one smart dog


I think you should take him home with you.


Forget this puppy…get urself a teacup yorkie…they are small in size …fits in ur appartement…


Do you think your cat will be OK with a new canine addition?


Yeah, get him and name him “Stay”.

Then you can freak him out when he’s running free in the park

“Come here, Stay. Come here, Stay. Come here, Stay.”


What make is he?


Lol hes adorable…


you better buy him before I do - omg he’s so cute.


Having a pet like a dog is really good for your MH.

I miss my dog, but I’m not allowed a new one in my flat!


you gotta remember tthat this dog needs walking every day, so you got to be responsible


yes I think she should be fine. She was with a breeder before and is a very calm cat.

I think I will of course take precautions and take time to introduce them under supervision etc.

I did not get the puppy yet though… there is another yorkie for sale. I read doxies are very stubborn, maybe we will be a good match but I am taking time to make the right decision :slight_smile: