Should I buy property in Bulgaria?

I have £10.000 saved up. I’ve just seen a lovely 2 bedroomed house in Bulgaria for £10.500. I really want to buy it.

British people can only go to second home for 90 out of 180 days. It means I could travel there quite a bit. It would be a nice quiet place to retreat to to do art and writing. I could also take friends on holiday there.

I currently live with my parents. When I travelled on my own in Bulgaria I got lonely when I was staying in a flat on my own. Maybe I’d get used to it.

My sister thinks it’s a bad idea because it’s in Bulgaria and my mum thinks I might get lonely.

What do you think?

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. If you don’t believe me here’s proof:

I bought a van and am planning to live in Florida in it next winter. We’ll see if that idea comes to fruition tho…

It’s hard to upkeep a house you’re never at. Like what happened if a pipe bursts and your not there for 3 months. All of the headaches, oh my…

I say don’t do it.


Sorry I mean property in Bulgaria

I agree with @mikev0882 . I say don’t do it.

Oh OK, I’m all out of songs that rhyme with Bulgaria. Could you please buy property in France?

Well I can’t afford France

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Buy it and rent it out. With all the money printing the central banks around the world are doing that little home of yours can only go up in value.

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If you buy it, make sure you also have money for taxes, and to hire a property manager for maintenance when you aren’t there.

Since you get lonely travelling alone, maybe you would be better off buying a time share at a single’s resort?


I was also thinking now I could buy a caravan on a caravan park. Close to home by the sea. I could pop backwards and forward most of the year. Site is open 8 months a year.

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Home is where the heart is and it’s not always a house.

I say go for it but like Ninja said be smart about it.

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Thanks. Good advice but I don’t know if you can buy a time share at a singles resort in Europe. I’ve never heard of it anyway.

Hello !
Prices in France are very variable.
In Creuse, it’s very affordable and very pretty. On the other hand, Paris and the south of the country are very expensive.
I know that the British like Périgord a lot, but here too I think the prices must have increased …
If you are British maybe you can try to find something along the Channel coast.
That said, in my opinion, you have to be careful with real estate purchases, especially because you have to maintain the property.
Thanks google trad, I couldn’t express myself :no_mouth: :roll_eyes:

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