Should i bring a copy of my daily schedule?

have court tomorrow, with the judge and pdoc, to determine if I should remain on court ordered treatment. usually the judge asks how I’ve been doing, and if I have plans to go to school or work. I was thinking of printing out copies of my daily schedule to take with me, in case he asks if I’ve started working or not. I simply don’t have time in the day to work, so was thinking to give him a print out of my schedule. the only day I could possibly work is sunday, I guess.

do you think I should bring it or not?

I’d say its a good idea to always be over prepared for court,

So bring it, just in case.

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well I just checked my phone and I had a message left from my caseworker. she said the court date has been moved to the 28th of October. she left the message yesterday but I didn’t see it until today. she said to call her today but I think she’s off work by now. will call tomorrow.

anyways i’ll bring a few copies of my schedule to pass out. and also write a note about the reasons I want to lower my dose. for example to help ramp up my metabolism and give me a bit more energy. those are the only two reasons I have, but I will forget and not know what to say when I get there.

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