Should i be worried if my support worker is too personal?

My support worker twlls me more about her personal life than she should. And im worried she is gonna vent her stress on me.

She hooked me up with another patient who was emotionally abusive … playing a matchmaker.

Now she tells me things i have to do…she said i have to ask my pdoc what is mental health?

I am scated of my support worker cause it seems to me if i dint do what she said she will be angry at me.

My support worker is also mentally ill. She was bullied at school and she snapped. Now it seems she is reacting if im not overly friendy to her.


Yea that doesn’t sound healthy. She is getting too personal. You should report these things to her boss so you can get a new worker. You deserve to have a professional to work with. Someone who has your best interest in mind, not their own. Good luck.

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Thank. I think in this situation i have to know my personal desision and that is i dont want her as my personal friend. All i want from her is proffessional help. If she has a trantrum cause i dont wanna be “her friend” thats not my problem.

She said she tried to call some womanand she didnt pick up. She seemed upset about it. Like she will force herself on her. Creapy.

@anon62371846, I have a support worker who is MI too. He sits in my apartment for up to three hours telling me all about his four marriages and how his current marriage is falling apart too. He goes into detail about his kids and his pets. He even told me one time that if he was manic, (he’s bipolar), he would think that I am “pretty cute” and would try to “get [me] in the sack”. Since he works for the VA hospital, he brags that he can’t be fired from his job. I don’t mind his talking about himself all the time. That means I don’t have to say anything.

Most of the time mentally ill people are good people. I guess your support worker is a good person. But my support worker is one of the few MI patients twho are not good.

Good i mean just confused people who dont understand a current situations very well and may act strange but totally harmless.

Bad MI people can be emotionally or physically violent. I know one guy who siriously considered killing his exwife. My supportworker probably wount get physically violent. But she has so much anger in her … its possible to sence it. That effects what she sais and does.

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It is possible for a person to have a MI that makes them verbally or physically violent. That violence is a part of their MI. They need help in the form of a pdoc and medication.

I have gotten over the hatered i felt for my support worker today. I realized it wasnt reasonable anger from my part. She is unproffessional. I guess i got scared.

She is not dangerous though.

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I think just based on what you said that you should check into getting someone else to talk to. This person doesn’t sound very professional.

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