Should I be hiding out

with all the bad news and good news TVwe have a lot of interesting things going on up there that help me a little bit on edge

What I’m about to suggest might be counterproductive to the way taught to over come mental anxiety but I chose to leave the plot lost and stopped offering credence to everything I see on TV and radio (especially the news).

The trick is to learn how to find contentment living in unknown territory and then proceeding to learn about it yourself without the suggestions of others.

But first you need to establish faith in your own competence. This is easily done by always keeping all your cards on the table so you don’t have to remember lies you’ve told previously and also never allowing yourself any solid conviction or acting on any assumption.

When battling what you expect to be an ‘unseen opponent’ it is best to quietly and respectfully learn about your opponent first - or as Nietzsche said: "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… "

My personal experience has been that the more we are out there the more we are exposed to drama but it could be that you might find those whom would appreciate your company the most will eventually find you.

Be frugal when establishing acquaintances/employment and not the first that offer reciprocation just for the sake of company. Many whom are deemed ‘sane’ are more emotionally screwed up than you are.