Should I be concerned of being diagnosed with sz?

A psychiatrist at the ward seems to think the reason why I was prescribed Abilify was because of “mania”
even though I have none of the symptoms of it really
The prescribing doc (also at the same ward) says its because preventing more psychotic episodes

Also, people have thought I was psychotic (including doctors) even before I was diagnosed

It’s hard and I understand it because you can overthink all this and it’s quite common. We’ve all been there and there’s reasons why the doctors say things. Sz is a serious disorder but untreated sz really isn’t very good and most likely brain damage. Even depressive episodes are probably damaging the brain too.

It’s not so much about the diagnosis anyway. It’s about the results of treatment. If the medications are keeping you out of trouble then it’s a good thing. You need them. If you don’t need them or they cause problems you’ll soon find out. Most of us here go through changes in diagnosis.

So. No. You shouldn’t but I realize your new to all this. Best advice. Don’t overthink it and just do what you need to do. Concentrate on study or whatever you are doing and try not to obsess about sz or the label. That will look after itself.

i dont have brain damage yet so its not sz i think
i just wonder what is my trouble and delusion caused by then

What I’m saying is if it’s sz the alternatives without meds aren’t good. So it could be a number of things related to psychosis but as I say. It’ll work itself out. Stressing out about outcomes doesn’t really help because if it is something like sz then stress makes symptoms worse…it gets to a catch 22. Honestly I don’t know because I don’t know your clinical history but have some faith in your medical team. Most things they have seen before.

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