Should I be angry at my pdoc?

I have trouble swallowing food and my pdoc says the med to fix it is expensive and she’d have to argue with the insurance company and therefore wants me to see an ENT first in case it’s something other than medicine problem. It’s really a nightmare to not be able to swallow but a very small bite at a time and have to cough up stuck food frequently. I can’t tell her the truth, that I’m too psychotic to make a trip to a clinic for a covid test just so I can see the ENT and then go to the ENT? I’d be hospitalized for “observation” and I’ve been hospitalized over 40 times in thirty five years. I don’t have a car. Should I be mad at my pdoc? What is the rationale?

If you’re not honesy with her, you can’t really be mad at her for not knowing how to help you.
It’s good that she wants to rule out causes instead of just throwing pills at you.


If you’re not being completely open and honest with her then she should be angry at you. You’ve got it backwards.

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I have swallowing problems too since being on risperidone. I sometimes choke on food, water and my saliva. It gets much worse on higher doses like 6mg, on 6mg I even choked during sleep and would wakeup unable to breath for like up to 20 seconds. It was scary. I told the Dr and he said its because my risperidone causes dry mouth/throat and told me to drink water more often and he reduced my med to 5mg. I choke much less now, slowing my eating and drinking helped too.

The Dr gave me a paper for swallowing tests but he said it will probably be normal as its my risperidone causing it. I still didn’t do the test as the test needs to be done in another city far from me, 1hr drive without traffic. No one is willing to bring me there, I am afraid of going alone.

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