Should I ask for

Should I ask the doct.or for an antipsychotic? I think I have schizophrenia my father says he has it. No diagnosis I took rispderal tablet s briefly no improvement.

Without a Drs approval?

I would see what a doctor says first. Antipsychotics aren’t fun.

Welcome to the forum!!! You need to be assessed by a psychiatrist. And it could take a while to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Welcome to the forum. Did you have a prescription for those meds? :wolf::wolf::wolf:

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No with approval of docctor have appointment in few days. I lie around too much

Don’t take antipsychotics unless you have positive symptoms as side effects and negative symptoms aren’t fun, anyways your Dr won’t prescribe them inless you have sz positive symptoms or bipolar.


yea you should talk to your pdoc about getting on APs or not. It’s not clever just to start taking them without having a good talk with your pdoc. Will prob take more than one talk though…

Anti psychotics usually are life long treatment. They cause problems and I wouldn’t have taken them after my suicide attempt had I known that they slow your mind down and you never go off them.

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Doctors prescribe them like candy for all kinds of reasons

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