Should I ask for an AA Sponsor

I’m have been going to the Beyond Belief secular meeting and the PigPen meeting where they close the meeting with the Seventh Step prayer instead of the Lord’s Prayer which I am uncomfortable with.
I currently don’t have a sponsor. The PigPen group has several people who raised their hand that they can sponsor. Not so with the Beyond Belief group.
I really don’t know if I need a Sponsor. I had a really bad one a year ago.

I’ve never heard of those two organizations but the foundation of working the AA, CA or NA program is going to meetings, getting a sponsor and working the steps. Don’t let one bad sponsor sour you on getting a sponsor. I went through 4 sponsors before I finally found one that I was compatible with and who took me through the steps. I fired two of them and the other two changed their minds and dropped me. One guy didn’t want to be my sponsor so bad that he stopped calling me and he made up a story about being out of the country, lol.

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That is a thing about AA: one makes people connections


Yes, true. I usually kept to myself but I ended up making friends against my will, lol. And I recognized and was friendly with a bunch of other people in the program.

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