Should I aim for a destination or should I walk aimlessly in the city

Feeling good right now, may go. Into the city tomorrow. If I did this while unstable, not. Good, but feeling strong. So?

Let me second think this thread

You’d better keep track of your surroundings if you do that. You might end up lost in a bad neighborhood.

Only the homeless walk aimlessly, and most homeless are schizophrenics but walking aimlessly is better than sitting aimlessly. Walking is definately the way to go.

In fact i am walking

Walking and playing on my smartphone

But you’re gonna have to consume more calories because of the walking. Which the reason I’m reconsidering

Walking is the ■■■■.

I wouldn’t say aimless… but take some different routes and hopefully find a surprise.

I love taking different routes… found a park I didn’t know existed… found a tiny but amazing deli… found a very cool book and record store 5 blocks away.