Should hospital patients be able to wash staff cars?

Even if it is therapeutic and gives the hospital patients a purpose? Personally I don’t think its a bad thing.

I’m asking because a mental health nurse got sacked because he asked some patients to wash his car. This is in England.


Haven’t read article yet, but it’s probably not a good idea to be using patients to do your physical labor for you.


I agree completely. Doesn’t sound like this is legal.


i washed cars in a psychiatric hospital program that paid 4 dollars an hr.

The program should be viewed the same way as this guy

when I have been overly depressed and consumed with negative thoughts me and my community nurse have gone to a jet wash and cleaned his car together, first it took my mind of the negativity and make me focus on other things and this helped me a lot to talk about other things and open up.

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Plenty of other things that can be done for therapy…sounds like he used them for his own benefit


Using psych patients for free labour is highly inappropriate.


The first hospital I was at used to be a proper old school asylum. Long term stays.

Anyway back then it had a farm attached. The residents manned the farm and cared for the gardens. Some worked in kitchens, others in the laundry.

There was no symptomatic relief from meds back then so I think the farm work was likely a great source of diversion and it kept them physically healthy.

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There’s a difference between making a patient wash a staffs car and paying a patient if they want to. The title says he made them do it. I can see why he got in trouble. I think letting a patient wash a staffs car and paying them is ok if the patient wants to do it. It’s a good way to earn a little cash for a candy bar or a Coke or something.

If a patient wants to do it and he gets paid then I can see in some circumstances it would be OK. My first job out of the hospital was cleaning hot tubs and my boss also had me wash his car. I thought it was demeaning but when I complained to my dad my dad said it was an OK thing to do. My dad was a surveyor with the state which is a responsible job and pays fairly well but he said him and all the other surveyors had to take turns cleaning the bathroom in their office so washing a car isn’t that bad.


I wouldn’t wash a MH workers car. No.

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I don’t see a problem with this. If it was voluntary and paid, sure, why not. I got paid $4 /hr to move rocks before…I was pissed because of the low pay…got paid like $20-40…I was insulted…it was my family…it was voluntary…

But ya, I agree…as long as it wasn’t forced or coerced…it’s stupid and silly…

People gotta complain about everything…

So according to the article…these are ‘convicted criminals’? Why are we giving them attention? It’s a tabloid never mind…

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