Should have never gone to catholic school

Since I was a schizophrenic outcasted Jew, I was discriminated and stigmatized so fricking much at my catholic school. My three schools were Iona college, Manhattan college and saint johns when I was transferring after my first semester :slightly_frowning_face: To come closer to home. Manhattan was my first choice, but didn’t get in, saint johns my second choice but my mom thought it would be better if I went to new Rochelle than queens. So I went to Iona my third choice. Man was I not particular about that school! From the getgo there was ZERO excitement. And that school was a living hell. Why did I choose all catholic schools in ny. I should have gone to southern Connecticut state university. A medium sized public school. But nah. Had to go to a New York private catholic school. God college was the worst times of my life…


Are those schools so different from the public ones in the US?

Theyre most expensive, more inclusive, they require you to take philosophy, religion and other certain classes. The professors seem more narrow minded too. Theyre more conservative in manner and their philosophies. I would’ve done much better at a public school