Should have had more children

But I was only able to take care of one.
But he turned out great and really doesn’t need us any more.

I was training a woman to replace me at work. She could have been the daughter I never had. But then she had to move to Texas with her hubbies new job and its bigger and better for her. I took it really hard and it has really stressed me out screwed me up all month. Pdoc on Thursday but she can’t fix this one.

Now I have an obsession with little babies. My assistant took her kid to work on her last day. But we won’t be grandparents any time soon. This must be empty nest thing I didn’t really understand before.

I want to run away and hide in a hole.

Don’t run and hide, it would be a crime to not get involved in some kids program that could use some of your compassion and caring.
Sadly many kids can only dream of what it would be like to have a mom like you, but I’d bet that they’d be willing to take whatever you could spare.
Would you consider volunteering in local programs that need an extra hand with kids?


I hope I’m as good a mom as you. I’m not as caring or compassionate as you and I hope that changes once my kid is born. You sound like you were made to be with kids

This must be empty nest thing I didn’t really understand before.

It could be. If so, the empty nest feeling might pass.

Yes my dream is to be a Cub den mother and teach a ham radio badge. I passed the FCC Extra exam the highest class you can get. There is a scouting jamboree this month our ham club is involved in.

Now I just have to hope get to that if MS doesn’t stop me.:radio::electric_plug:

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I was terrified of having children. Pretty easy to avoid by not going all the way. I finally was able to date a lot but finally got married at 30. But at at age it took 3 years to have a child.
But once you see that baby some kind of instinct kicks in and you all will be just fine if you 2 choose that path one day.

But he’s got his own life now at 22. He’s 3 years sober and had to go to an AA meeting to get his chip. I invited him to dinner. But he always has more fun with his friends. And that’s the way it’s gotta be.

Working kept my mind busy because I have a tendency to go off and believe delusions. So I have to keep my mind busy. Have too.

I didn’t want to have up working. But I have to. Have too. So I gotta make plans.

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My fiancé and I didn’t choose to have kids but we’ll actually be having our first baby in about 7 months :slight_smile: I’m nervous and scared and happy and excited and I’m feeling nauseous and tired most of the time. Hearing the way you talk about kids has made me even more excited. I hope you do get grandchildren because you’d be the best grandma I’m sure :slight_smile:

I was so nervous I read every book about babies I could find to get ready. Then we took natural birth classes.

Surprise. our baby was nothing like the books said. He was way cooler. So I just threw the books out the window and winged it.

Your baby has 2 parents which is such an advantage over other people that try to do it alone. You guys are gonna have a ball and be the perfect parents for Your baby. Have fun.

what does:

(la reina de las damas gato loco) mean?

Thanks! Maybe I should just give up on the books now and not waste my time lol

never stop reading princess kenny don’t stop support the mainstay of book and magazine literature!

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sorry to say I like more but at my age I don’t think I would, but its nice to have the grand kids stop by.

Make em an uncle dr zen!!

The queen of the crazy cat ladies.

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