Should have had a geriatric medicine phone appointment this morning

I made sure I was available quite a while before and after the allotted appointment time,as instructed, in case they were running ahead of or behind time. No phone call.


Hope they contact you soon. What’s geriatric again? I almost mistook it for bariatric

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Oh I’m sorry @firemonkey
That is too bad.
They should have at least notified you as to the reason for the cancellation


I have a feeling they may have had the wrong contact number.

Geriatric medicine focuses on the healthcare of older people.

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I’d call them up to see how many people are ahead of you and ask when to expect a call.

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Just found out that they phoned my daughter asking If I was there with her. She told them that she’s been given permission to be told about whatever is going on with me. The doctor explained that the scans revealed I have osteoporosis and there’s an increased risk with schizophrenia. They are going to get the GP surgery to do more blood tests to see if other things may also be having an adverse effect


The consultant’s also going to put me on a new medication.

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