(?)))*((( /// ||| - Should Guns and Knives be illegal - ||| \\\ )))*(((?)

Perhaps then , We Would Be at tha Mercy of Nature … … …

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No. I keep a pocket knife in my purse just in case some ■■■■ goes down. Thinking about owning a gun too. People love to break into houses where I’m from.

Yap that Would be a Silent Sunday … ,

Perhaps Even a Bloody Sunday … ,

Sunday Bloody Sunday … ,

Wish you tha Best … … …



(muchos del grande) - (yap yap) - (muchos del grande)

Jus Know that there Will Always Be a Rainbow Waiting for ya , , ,

Whether an Actual Rainbow (OR) Perhaps tha One Right Before Your Eyes , Within a Broad Spectrum of Mystic Colours to Letcha Know , , ,

You are Nvr Alone .

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No. Knives shouldn’t be illegal because they are a common everyday tool that everyone uses. Usually in the kitchen. Guns shouldn’t be illegal because doing so only disarms the law abiding citizens of the country they are in. Also in the US the 2nd amendment protects gun ownership. Although the question of whether shizophrenics should own guns is usually answered with a no because we have a condition that make our own sanity suspect. At least that is what the law seems to say.

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Thank you, and I will always remember to keep looking for one…

N e Hoo ,

Here’s a Drink to those Who Hold Tite to tha 2nd amendment L(Y)Ke as a Gripped Hidden Future Terrorist , , , For tha Dai His (OR) Her Boss Fires them , and tha Gun Owner Seeks “true” Justice … ,

So Here’s a Drink ,

Let’s jus Saye , , ,

It’s a Bloody Mary … … …

Well, I wanted to write an essay on Justice and Judgment because it seems there’s a lot of misrepresented ideas about their meanings. To simplify though I’ll just say:

Justice<>Balance<>Harmony. They go hand in hand.

Lots of examples going through my head but I wanna talk about a post I seen which was about a law (not sure where its a law) where if a dog is tied to a pole for an hour then the family doesn’t have a right to own pets again. I think that’s what it said. Anyway, the point…

Is it Justice if the family is incriminated? Sure it helps in some way if some people aren’t going to care for something they couldn’t.

Or is it Justice if someone came and removed the dog from the pole and gave him company? That would certainly be revealing of Justice.

Just guns not knives. I’m an archer, and I use knives. I see little use for guns.


I’m a hunter, I’m a fisher, I’m a farmer and in between. My lady drinks whiskey and she’s a country queen. If I had my Bowie Knife I wouldn’t throw it on the floor-I’d play me some poker-and win a little more.

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Guns should be illegal. Especially in the USA. Reason?I think we all know why

You’ve never hunted for your own food, then. Or had to put down livestock that was mauled by a wolf and dying in agony. Or lived over an hour from a police response.


We need more restrictions on idiots.

I agree but maybe you haven’t seen friends and family alike die via guns both from murder and suicide. Let’s just say I’m not fond if guns. Not everyone who kills or kills them self with a gun should be labeled an idiot. idk I don’t wanna fight just slightly annoyed

Yep, I have. One guy who couldn’t get ahold of a gun to snuff himself bought a pile of OTC pills that did the trick instead. People will find alternate methods. Twin towers were taken down by folks with box cutters and plane tickets. A bunch of people got mowed down in France by a guy who was prohibited from owning a gun, but not from renting a truck.

It’s a hell of a lot easier with a gun. Trust me I’ve tried. I’m kinda in a short fuse here but holding on. Not that it is worth a ■■■■. I don’t even know who you are.

Hoping your week gets better. :heart:

Idk if it can. Oh well. What does Cher always say? The beat goes on…

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