(?)))*((( /// ||| - Should Guns and Knives be illegal - ||| \\\ )))*(((?)

Quick Easy Question for You Guys and Gals to Answer … ,

Jus a Yes and (OR) No , , ,

& ,

and Perhaps a Reason , You Think as to Why , (OR) , Why Naught … … …

No. The laws of the Justice system aren’t usually at all the related to the true meaning of Justice.

That’s about all I have to say about that (and will say about it for now).

Looking Forward to More Soon … … …

(EDIT) ,

Slightly off Topic , , ,

but My Lil Buggy Bug Mynde is Some Reason Thinking About tha Category of “sex” , , ,

as to it Being a Main Reason a Ton of Activity Accumulates … ,

Perhaps Lust , , ,

Hence tha Word Bloodlust … ,

Perhaps Those Without Sex Would Do Anything For tha Bride Sniffing for Blood , , ,

and tha Man Would do Anything for tha Woman With His Lust … ,


and Tha Question Arrives ,


a little more descriptive

Hardly .

fuftizzle .

The victims are those who get wraped in the web of deception that feelings of lust cause… there’s either love or not, lust is a deceitful idol that women and me give there lives to for the sake of a moment of fleeting pleasure…

Perhaps , , ,

Thee Initial Start of a New Beginning and Ember of a Warning of Sorts , , ,

Perhaps is , , ,

Tha “fleeting” Pleasure … ,

Maybe that’s Where tha Pathe Divides (???)

But lust can be blinding and the road that divides is hidden till the end when the chance of choosing differently escapes…

It is a cruel mistress to live with lust but sadly, besides wisdom, there is none to conquer and find a way to sexual pleasure without her…

So on the story gose, to lust till love or to lust till empty…

Perhaps Walk til Tired , , ,

Sit til Sleepy , , ,

Sleep til tha Sun Wire Ryzes … ,


Trie Again . . .

(did we jus saye tha sayme thing) … … …

Urs has hope… u have each day to be new… mine dies till there is nothing left… and though hope is good trying again after a defeating run seems exauhting but I suppose u are right to try again…

In My Faded Worn Out Opinion it’s Naught About Being Right , in Any Way Really … ,

More so Fighting tha Fight with Good Intentions and Keeping Your Eyes Peeled for What Can Be Helpful within a Spectrum of Colours that Can Always Brighten Your Dark Daise … ,

It Rains Sometimes , , ,


e(Y)e’m Better … ,

Buildings Can Stop tha Rain , , ,

My Intentions Can Hold Back tha Regret and Tears … ,

My Mistakes Can Be Forgiven … ,

but a Turkey Has No Choice … ,

and We Have Hands … ,

Two Pathes … ,

Rain (OR) Blood Perhaps … ,

Sometimes Your Own , Sometimes Another Different Creature … ,

Lust as an Excuse Can and Perhaps Will Be Dangerous … ,

but What Can e(Y)e Know , e(Y)e’m Schizophrenic … ,

Ya’know (???)

Being who u are gives bueatiful insight to hope and a positive view on life…
If it rains u have shelter, so be it rain or shine u are safe…
But from emotions that hold us captive even the most beautiful mind can be trapped in the lies that persist…
If u can find shelter than u have conquered what I can not for when it pours rain in my world I am as the turkey and stand with my mouth open looking up , not knowing I’m drowning but unable to breathe

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But dose the turkey fly if it has already been taimed… it is only in our hope to extend beyond something given to us… and I was born into captivity of a lustful world which I am trying to escape

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Rhymes with THEIF .

@Itsme , You Didn’t Do that … ,

Back to tha Subject at Hand , as Much as it is Being Fun to Joke About Turkey Feathers in Trees and it Being a Stolen Meaning of those WHo Actually Deserve to Bleed for Mouths that are so . so . Hungry … ,

There’s thus … ,

What if there’s No Forgiveness For those Who Eat … ,

" no forgiveness HA HA no salvation HA HA " - M M .

Forgiveness and salvation are hand in hand… so we must forgive the lustful heart in us and around us to recive salvation, to revive hope that one day there will be love

No…if guns are made illegal knives will replace them if knives are illegal rocks and sharp sticks will replace those…


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