Should children be allowed to join SZ.COM this site?


I have my opinion …


Define children.
I’d say anything younger than 15 should not be allowed. People discuss some graphic things here, involving sex and drugs and self-harm.
I don’t think young children should be subjected to that.

15 is still a child, but I’ve seen several 15 year olds on this site who seem to be able to handle it well.


No, I don’t think they should.


any age under 18, even 21, this should be only a adult site imo


I agree. 18+ at the youngest


I never even heard a child being diagnosed with sz


I could have handled it at say 16 or so but no younger.


what do the mods think here?



can you enlighten us on this issue…?


Of course kids can join this site.

If they can hold a conversation and have distress they are more than welcome


@pedro27. Read about January Schofield. She was diagnosed as a very young child. Even as an infant she appeared to be hallucinating


surely a bit odd a child taking to adult


I think 16 year olds can probably handle it, but I’d be more comfortable if under 18 year olds had their own forum, like how friends and family do.


@Pianogal yes one child in 500 million yeah?


No. I think it’s rare but not that rare


its rarer than you think


We don’t use an age-verification service such as Veratad or IDology, so no one knows for certain (not members, mods or administrators) what our ages are.


Its 1 in 40,000.