Should be writing a paper

Im supposed to be wring a paper on a reactor simulation I performed a month ago, but I have no motivation. What do you guys do when you have no motivation to do what you need to do?

Tea and cigarettes.

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Got the cigs just need the tea lol

The real thng missing is illegal subatncces that I wont mention lol

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Dr. Pepper or Coca Cola can substitute for the tea. :wink:

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For paper writing, I give myself a goal. Either x amount of minutes or x amount of words. And at the end, I give myself a nice reward. If I am in the zone and can keep going past my goal, I double my reward later.

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Yea green tea and nicotine, I prefer vaping, its healthier.

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Great idea @ninjastar I should be doing that. Especially now that its the end of the semester lol

@Aziz lol I vape and smoke and throw in snus, I think I have plenty of nicotine going on. Maybe I should get that green tea going on

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I go about my business and do something else and trust that in an hour or in the evening some time that I will feel like doing it

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Thats a toughie. I try but I never ever feel like doing it unless I am on some type of substance. Ill try but usually I end up either missing the deadline or taking some coke or amphetamines

How can you go your whole college career depending on drugs to complete your work? Seems like it would be extremely difficult to maintain that pattern. Plus the danger of becoming addicted.

watch scenes from movies that I think are cool. Like gladiator or star trek or something like that. Then my pdoc asks me if I have had any fun lately and I say I watched alien abductions or government conspiracies on X-files and they look at me kind of funny and up my dose or switch my meds.

If you do something inspirational, don’t tell your pdoc or they might schedule you for a haldol shot in your rear.

That made me laugh hard lol :joy:

If they ask you if you are doing anything fun and you say “no” they say you are depressed and switch meds around. If you tell them you are going to do something really ambitious, you get “delusional disorder” or “grandiose delusion” or something else and walk with a limp for a few days after getting an involuntary depot.

if you say “I’m fine. I think the meds are helping.” But then they say you are “faking good”

You just can’t win. BS’ing your pdoc might sound like fun, but is a good way to have a sore bum or be put into “observation” for 72 hours.