Should animal abusers get mandatory mental health evaluations?


Yes. I agree. 151515151

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If they don’t want to do it, they should be forced to do it because it’s obvious it’s something wrong with them, with animal abusers.

■■■■ Animal abusers.
They should get a lengthy jail time!


Why do Americans have an obsession with evil people with mental health problems? It’s not like this in Europe. At least not the part I live in.


I presume that most people who hurt animals are psychopaths, and nothing is done with that diagnosis. I doubt they are mentally ill in the sense of sz or bipolar so no need for an evaluation. Psychopaths are happy with the way they are, and even if they weren’t there are no meds to fix their disorder.

Edit: I think it’s a bit insulting to us, as people with mental illness, to think that animal abusers have a mi. Normies can abuse animals just as much as we can, and it’s probably psychopaths who do the most harm in my opinion.


@anon9798425 ,

This article is in regards to a Senate Bill in the state of California. It’s simply inaccurate to generalize America as if Americans are homologous. To the contrary, America is the most diverse country in the world.

It was an observation on tendencies in your media coverage of and reactions to people who do evil acts. It was not an insult to your culture. The media coverage of these things is very different here, and it’s easier to notice these tendencies when you live somewhere else. I notice many good tendencies, too, but it’s not as natural to mention those, and you’re probably aware of most of them. I’m sorry you feel that I dislike your country, but I promise you that I don’t, and I also don’t think my country is better than yours. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of patriotism. I am a fan of learning from other cultures, though. The American culture has influenced the rest of the world a lot, and this is good. Outside perspectives on your culture can be a good thing too.


I think people should have to have a background check in order to be In possession of animals. That way abusers can’t get them. Also put regulations on people selling puppies/baby animals in general to cut down on puppy mill type activities.


Fair enough. However I never said that I feel you dislike America.

I can’t believe this isn’t a thing already. Anyone who has over a certain number of animals should be licensed and subject to regular inspections.

Most rescues I know do use background checks before someone is allowed to adopt.

As for animal abuse - it’s linked to so much violent behavior that there should be mandatory community followup, counselling, and corrections. I’m a little frustrated with the tendency to link it to mental illness, though- generally, that isn’t the case.


Should animal abusers get mandatory mental health evaluations?


They should also get…

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