Shot to oral


I’m think about switching from haladol shot to oral. Has anybody does this? Any side effects or problems?


Supposedly there are more side effects from the oral than the shot.


I never did the Haldol injection, but I do take 30 mg of the pills.

The side effects I get are extreme fatigue (I sleep about 14 hours a day), constipation, drooling, and some muscle tightness. Like, I grip my pen really tight so my penmanship has become dismal, and I grip my toothbrush too tight so it’s hard to move it back and forth.

I’m meticulous about taking the pills so I don’t have to worry about missing doses. I use a days of the week med container.


I take 80mg haldol and I have no side effects…


I am so jealous you have no side effects at that high dose! I often feel like asking my pdoc if she thinks 40 mg would help me better than 30 but I don’t think I’d EVER get out of bed!


oral medication is garbage compared to the depot in my opinion. there’s no real comparison. they are similar and the “same” medicine, but the shot is the proper way to do it, in my opinion.

one shot lasts me all month and makes me feel better than taking pills everyday. the shot is more pure. trust me.

at the end of the day it’s still anecdotal, so take it how you want.


The antipsychotic effect is the same, as long as you remember to take the tablets everyday. Some people are too disorganised for that though…