Shorter life span

I read a study that said women with schizoaffective disorder live on average 17.5 years less than other women and men with schizophrenia live on average 14 years less than other men. I’m kind of relieved cuz I don’t really want to get old but then it also makes me think that I shouldn’t even try adopting kids cuz if I’m expected to die at 64 years old and I’m already 28 then I don’t feel I’d be around long enough to help any kid grow up. My family keeps giving me crap about not having kids either adopted or biological. I feel like they expect too much of me I feel like just getting a job and a degree is taking everything out of me and as it is I’m barely going to have enough time to get out of debt and save up enough money to take care of my parents when they get old and maybe have some left over to pay for living expenses and maybe my own time of dying. I’m going to be entering the work force a decade after everyone else and probably dying a lot sooner too.

no one knows when they will die. you can’t always base your life around some statistic that someone came up with


The only thing money gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money.

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That’s crazy. I’ve had it since '91. I’d only have 2 years to live. My mom had it till she died at 76.


The reason why people with sz/sza have shorter lifespans is because they have, on average, poor access to healthcare. If you have good access to healthcare and are otherwise healthy, you will probably live close to the average lifespan if not longer. If you are in good health and expect to stay that way, you will probably have enough time to finish your degree, get a good job, and even get married and have kids since you are only 28. Of course, what you do with your life is up to you, but don’t let a study convince you you’re off the hook because of some statistic.

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