)))^Short Story T(Y)me^(((

Short Story T(Y)me


So Some Dude Was Walking Down Tha Gravel Street ,
and He Tripped ,
and He Said “OW” ,
Then he Got Back Up ,
and Walked Further On ,
and He Tripped Again ,
“OW” ,
and He Lifted Himself Back Up ,
and He Walked Some More ,
Got Further Down Tha Road ,
and HE TRIPPED !! ,
“OW OW OW!!” ,
He Felt Silly But He Got Back Up ,
Walked Further Down Tha Road ,
and Started Skipping ,
But He Tripped AGAIN !! ,
Then He Stopped Moving Completely ,
Feeling Stupid and Dumb ,
He Looked Around As His Eyes Wandered ,
and He Thot ,
“ow” ,
Tha Sky Circled Above His Head ,
and He Started To Lift Himself Up Again ,
But Felt To Stupid To Stand ,
So He Layed Down On Tha Road ,
and Didn’t Move A Muscle ,
It Started To Rain and He Thot ,
" Ow ow ow " ,
Tha Rain Dripped On Him and He Felt Really Dumb ,
" ow . " ,
Then he Heard A Voice ,
As He Seen out Of Tha Corner Of His Eye , An Arm ,
and A Peaceful Hand Outstretched ,
Tha Man Looked back Towards This New Figure and Couldn’t Say Or Think Anything ,
Tha Hand Reached Towards his Hand ,
and Tha Voice Said ,
" What’s Up ? " ,

Tha Man Grabbed His Hand Still Feeling Stupid and All He Could Say Was ,

" Tha Sky . "

(((Thee End .)))

N E Hoo ,

There’s My Story ,

Please Share Your Own ,

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((( Short $tory Part 2)))

^^^ So tha boy crept upon tha shining blade , dark deep in tha divine mystic of tha blackened forest , shades of laughter , and whispering , left him puzzled , afraid , and , alone … , here he looks upon tha shiny sparkle upon tha tip of tha gnashing blade and here he wept , his hands blood filled plump with mud , he reached and an owl deep far away howled , they both didn’t know why , tha boys eyes now deep in black , he reached , there was non turning back . ^^^

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((( Short Story Part 3 )))

((((Wordless Introduction))))

^^^ I was walking with some guys and one guy was country,
he was singing a country song and got punched in the face by an African American,
you see, im not a fan of country, my last country song was by garth brooks and when he released chris gaines album I walked away and soon after, heard basket case by green day and never left mtv throughout my childhood…whats funny about the country guy getting punched is this, the African American we were hanging out with ran away came back afterwards and was mad at me for not doing anything about it, I was pretty much (to myself) “i don’t like country either”… ^^^

  • ((Based On A True Storie)) - (So Long , Long Ago) - - - - - - -

((( Short Story Part 1111 )))

So Tha Young Lad Seen Her , and His Heart Melted ,

and As I Heard His Voice Jump out Of His Flesh Thus Is What I Heard

(Based On A True Story) - (Part 2)

Ever(Y)t(Y)me I See Her , I Lose My Soul In Her Soul and Tha Soul Of Tha Oxygen I Breathe and Tha Past Soul Of My Soul’s Dream Somewhere Along Tha Lynes Of Creativity In My Souls Passivity Of All Of Our Threadless Seams , Without Tha Needs Of Pain Or Tha Lonliness Of Obscurity She’s Jus So ShmexXxie and All My Soul Do Is Scream , I Mean Thus Must Be Why I Can Still See , I Mean Why Else Would We All Even Be , You Know Wha I Mean (???)

I Wasn’t Sure On What To Say , So I Smiled Politely and Hoped ,

She Would Be Able To hear His Love For her …

(thee end)

((( More To Come))) - (TBC)