Short and short tempered

I knew I used to hate being small, but I didn’t know it was still bothering me. It’s about time I accepted the way I am physically and everyone else who happens to be short. It might change my attitude toward little children, too.

I like being short. It means I don’t have to duck under doorways and my feet don’t hang out of the bed :sleeping_bed:


I’m just under 5’1 and I love being short and sweet! It’s a pain when I’m climbing up racks to reach something on the top shelf at Walmart though!

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I’m tall, and I’ve always wished I was shorter. Especially since I grew up in a region where almost everyone had Finnish or Sapmi roots, both people not excactly known for their height…
I’ve always felt awkward and out of place, and when I was younger people expected more of me because I seemed older and I was bigger than the other kids.
Came in handy when I reached smoking age, though.

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Being short ain’t so bad… unless you need to reach for something up high :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was always short but never had to worry about not reaching something.

Used to have a 39 inch vertical leap back In high school.

Kids said “yeah well you’re fat so you have to use your legs a lot no wonder you can jump”

Then I lost my weight, and my jumping ability

But still have hops

Be proud of who u are. Ur only really given 1 height throughout your adult life and it wasn’t your choice whatever it is so why beat yourself up on something so stupid and trivial.
There’s advantages of every height. Society just puts expectations on growth charts and being tall. But there’s just as many advantages of being short as tall in reality imo.

My sister is 4’11” but she’s tough as nails. I mean she’s been physically handicapped since birth but she never let it stop her and she always had boyfriends. She has scars all up her legs from surgery when she was a baby and she has no knee caps but she always wears shorts in public in the summer. She has a disease that puts her in pain 24/7 but she refuses pain meds. She’s strong. Her husband is like 6’2” I think and a big guy not fat just stout.
@Jonnybegood. Yeah being short never bothered me. It doesn’t hinder your intellect or your musical abilities. Though I was a really good dancer but I think to be able to dance professionally (not as in a stripper) you have to be a certain height

My mom is pretty short and she was a rockette. She wasn’t tall enough but they gave her an extra half an inch because she was a good enough dancer. She was always second from the end on the line because of her height I think.

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I wanted to be a rockette but I didn’t bother trying out because of my height. I had a dancing scholarship in college, where I planned on trying out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, but at that time they were very adamant about you height. I was upset about that as a few of my college dance line friends became cheerleaders for the Cowboys, but other then that I like being short!

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My mom was 5 4 1/2

The minimum was 5’5 at the time. They rounded her up.

But my mom is now probably 5’1 1/2 from scoliosis

I’m worried about shrinkage myself! :joy:

I like being short, It’s an advantage over tall folks in a scrap because shorties have the leverage to knock over the tall ones based on the center of gravity.

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