Shooting dope

thinking about shooting some dope, got nothing better to d[o

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U guys still do dope…!!

Gorilla what’s going man? :unamused:

Ive given up Samp. “:”

need to find a way out

There are plenty of things that are better to do.

I am going outside to sit in a room with some people I barely know.

While I am gone perhaps you could write me a love letter.

Or send one to @Minnii or to someone else, I won’t be offended, I just never received a love letter before :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve always been an intelligent poster, and I enjoy your commentary. I think you’re just in a bit of a rut these days. Don’t compound it by shooting up. You’ll just slide further down the rabbit hole.

Talk to your Doc and see about a med adjustment/change.


You said you weren’t depressed.

Anything would be better. How long have you been clean?

Hi MG! I hope you don’t shoot up because you got over that a long time ago and I think doing it will just make you feel worse in the long run.

Tell me about where you live in America. Is there a beach close by? Do lots of people live there? What are they like?


8 years clean /fifteen


One day at a time dude.

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That’s how people od…shooting up on a relapse. Please be careful with yourself @MeghillaGorilla1

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I’m depressed, can’t get out of bed. big empty hole inside, can’t be filled because I’m trapped

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my old using buddy just got out of prison and looked me up on Facebook. Im too good for this ■■■■ but I’m disabled my life never progressed

There’s medication for depression if you have that. It’s possible you could take an extra pill for this along with your regular one. I did that for a while until I felt better. Talk to your Doc about it.


Maybe avoiding this person is the best thing for your own health. Just don’t do it. Tomorrow will be better :sunny:


i live on the jersey shore, right near the beach. same town as bruce springsteen and john stewart, bon jovi and a bunch of other famous people. life used to be so amazing and now I’m a dead guy

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thanks everyone, ill try to get moving. I have a lot of fear about the psychosis that I’ve had coming back, and don’t like to take medication. Its a trap I feel trapped, I can’t go out and enjoy my life because there s nothing to enjoy whatever the illness didn’t take the meds robbed me of

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thanks patrick, I’m titrating up on prozac as we speak

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