Shocking but true: students prefer jolt of pain to being made to sit and think

Old article but I found it interesting.


Solomness is easy on AP’s :smiley: I’m not sure I would have a daily jolt of pain in place of daily dose AP’s though :thinking:

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My brain never shuts up… I’m always thinking… To much

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Life could be simple. I overcomplicate things in my head. There’s a vacuum in my head, where real thoughts should be. I feel a lot of anxiety which causes the void. I wish I could think like a normal person. I’ve had brief moments of simplistic thoughts, almost mathematical. It was bliss. The world was at the palm of my hands.

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I did not realize there was a difference.

– ba dum tssssss –



Intellectuals around the world have renamed the study “Cat’s Eye Part 2.”

:crazy_face: :laughing:


Is that electrical jolt applied to my genitals?

Just asking for a friend :joy:


To be fair you’re asking students. Students who sit and think all day. Of course they’re tired of thinking. If you asked someone who’s out of school they’d probably prefer the thinking.


In the article it says that there were 11 studies that said that the same was true regardless of age, yada yada.

In more than 11 separate studies, the researchers showed that people hated being left to think, regardless of their age, education, income or the amount they used smartphones or social media.

So, although your theory sounds good, pretty much everyone seemed to prefer the shock.


Well…some people obviously like to think. For example people who study philosophy or psychology or science.

Sounds a bit strange most people don’t like to think, or hate as they put it.

There are studies out there countering these findings, like this more recent study from 2022:

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