Shock Therapy

My father is being tested this week to see if he is physically fit for this sort of treatment. Many are saying it has been beneficial for them. It’s not like back in the day so it’s humane etc so I do feel better about it. Anyone here ever try this or know someone who has? Thoughts please?

Do you mean electro-convulsive therapy? I’ve seen that do some good. I tried to get them to give it to me for some compulsive behavior when I was in the hospital but they wouldn’t. It is a lot more humane now than it was in the past. The patient is heavily sedated and he barely convulses at all.

A friend of mine had a lot of success after ECT. Granted he was a zombie for several months afterwards though.

Yes Crimby. If all goes well he’s scheduled to begin next week at some point. I sure hope it helps. Bear…the doctors say that the side effect is confusion…which he already has now. I’m hoping he isn’t a zombie for too long if at all.

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I had shock therapy this morning. Actually, it was sticker shock from the price of my groceries, but I’m pretty sure it counts.