Shizopheriania after extasy

I have stupor after extasy drug that was my first episode of shizo.
The second episode was when i stop antipsihotics and take steroids after 3 month
again was turn on my symtomps of stupor and now i get again psihotics. When i get the antipsihotics i am very lazy and sleep too many hours i gain to 90kgs on 170cm height . That is very much kilograms for me but i get only one pill aripiprazole . Through the day i am very lazy with too many energy .I am fell like sick constantly i fell bored and i don’t what to do.I wanna to stop the pills but i know when i stop them the symptomps be back again on me .My question is can i take steroids with antipsihotic ?
Because i dont have energy and i am too fat i am ex bodybuilder and i was prepare to competitons before . My pain is to be fat and to not have energy with these pills.

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You need to speak to your doctor about taking steroids.

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I’ll echo @everhopeful and say you need to talk to your doctor before taking steroids.

I take Abilify too and it did mess with my motivation a lot,

But that’s something you also need to talk to the doctor about.

There could be medications you can take to combat it or you could get into therapy and see if they can help you with motivation/coping skills.

How long have you been on the medication?

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I’m pretty sure anti psychotics will make your stupor worse, yet I’m no pdoc.

Welcome. It’s an antiinflammory and I don’t think should be used for athletes.

Hope you stick around here.

Is it weird that abilify made me lose weight instead. It didnt do much for the voices but it did help the negative symptoms for me. Strange.

Yeah you should probably talk with your doctor about steroids. Supplements aswell like a multi vitamin and omega 3s, those helped me alot.

Now 1 year and 5 month i am on therapy

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Have you talked to them ( your pdoc or therapist ) about the negative symptoms you’re experiencing?

Nope with don’t talk for them.He is very strange psychiatrist doctor and is very rude.In Bulgariamost of p doctors are rude and strange. For him all sickness we are lazy and we do not want to achieve anything.When i was on depression and i was made attempt to suicide myself he say me: "why you say me about your wildness all of you wants to you to made me accomplice of your wildness."But the best clinic in bulgaria is his and i dont have a choise if you understand me.

Standup, the psychdocs and other personnel can be rude here too.

I’m not trying to be rude, but anabolic steroids have been known to cause psychosis.

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