SHILAJIT as a medicine, especially brain cancer [video]

                                 Shilajit is a dirt that oozes out of rocks in the   hymalayas mountains. It contains all amino acids, all minerals and all amino acids. All these vit and minerals in it are in ionic forms, so they go straight to the cells. Shilajit is Alkaline not acidic. Cancer likes an acid environment, so keeping your body Alkaline with shilajit is only a good thing.                 I've been taking shilajit for 2 weeks now and I'm really more positive. I feel a lot more energised and I feel love. It's a different kind of love. Like a caring love. Yes I am caring,  but I feel good. And it also naturally contains vitamin B12 in ionic form, and ALL the B vitamins. Thanks!

Here’s the video ^^^^^