Shilajit: A Versatile Remedy

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More information on this compound, from a more scientific source ( a research paper):

Shilajit: A Natural Phytocomplex with Potential Procognitive Activity

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Shilajit increases testosterone by 20% in healthy men. I just read a study on it. I just took one.

Post your results, I’m interested.

More testosterone isn’t always better.

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Well I took it about 2 hours ago. Its basically a multivitamin dirt found in the mountains. I’ll report back in a day or 2 mate

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Yeh I know. But I thought I’d try it to boost my libido. It’s the fulvic acid I’m interested in.

Well this is interesting. Last night I had to go to the shop before it closed, so I had to run. Well the thing is I ran all the way to the shop without losing a breath! Normally I’d be puffed out to the max, but the shilajit I’ve been taking really boosted my energy. It’s as if I enjoyed the run instead of hating it. I feel energetic and refreshed. This only happened since I’ve been taking shilajit for roughly a week. I will continue taking it. Shilajit has all the minerals and vitamins “naturally”, so I’m interested in seeing how I feel next week. I really do feel nourished.

Wow, the shilajit is excellent. I feel great. I think the shilajit is helping me feel love. I normally feel love, but this is different. I love it. I think it’s helping me.