Shielding at the mental hospital?

The first time I was commited the staff rearranged the furniture in the common areas occasionally. I thought I was losing my mind and took a chance to ask them why they moved the furniture around? (Hoping it was not me that was insane and they would up my meds)

They told me that they called this activity shielding without really explaining and that this somehow would have a positive impact on patients. But for me it was the opposite. I thought I was going insane. I mean if they did that then why didn’t they tell the patients about it beforehand?

Has anyone else experienced “shielding”?

by God’s merciful grace i have never been to a mental hospital

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Never heard of it but I doubt it was to make you insane

never experienced that. in the psych wards i been in they always kept the furniture on same places more or less.

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