She's either an oyster or an onion


Co-therapy was yesterday and my kid sis hardly talked at all. This is getting a bit weird. It’s a new therapist and he talks to me all the time. But I don’t know what is up between them. She’s not inactive she will pay attention and actively listen.

But not much talking. When she does, she’s just very vague with her answers. Granted he didn’t ask her much. I think she’s still miffed at him about our last session. She clams up tight when hit with a question.

My sis will either be an oyster… never open her lips unless you pry them open. Or an Onion, to many layers to what she is vaguely saying.

It is SO odd that two people can listen to the same dude speak and not agree on what he said. It’s bugging me. I’m trying to find out why she is so clammy. No luck yet. I have a lot of theories, but I haven’t tested them yet.

She says we want vastly different things out of this therapy so we might have to try something different again. She still seems miffed when I bring it up. She says she’s not mad at me. But I wonder why she is miffed about this.


Does this therapist listen to kid sis, actually take the time to listen to her the way that he listens to you? Does he spend as much time talking to her as with you?


He talks to her a lot. I thought he did a pretty good job explaining my SZ to her and how she could better cope with all this. He gave her a lot of tips on how to be supportive.

When he asks her questions, she hardly answers. He gave us a writing assignment and she got miffed and flat out refused. That was really odd. It was an uncomfortable assignment, but I at least tried. She put her foot down and said 20 tons of no.


People get mad a doctors because their methods are usually intrusive. Your sister is just defending herself.


I was just thinking about how I would feel if someone tried to explain to me about sz and how I could be supportive with my son after spending the last 9 months understanding sz/or my son and being supportive. Understanding that this person may think they are helping me, honestly I would probably be a little miffed as the implication would be that I don’t understand my son and that I have not been being supportive. She may not understand sz from a clinical stand point but she understands you far better, I would think, then this therapists does after only just meeting the two of you. Maybe I’m being a little harsh but I can see why sis would react negatively to this approach. I certainly would. He would have lost my trust by doing that even if his intentions where good.


I didn’t think of that. I was thinking she was mad at me. But she kept saying no. I wasn’t believing her that much. It is a bit of a surprise that she would be angry about that. But it makes sense. This is something to ponder. I was thinking she didn’t want to talk to me about the past. In a way she doesn’t. It’s not all stars and flowers. But she doesn’t want to talk about that.

I wonder if maybe a different therapist would open the clam. Start again if we can. She got really stern about the writing assignment. I knew my idea was starting to evaporate. But I really want to do this.