She's always been ill


I understand your interpretation but when toxicity enters a persons life, sometimes, they have to say no more. It’s a very difficult decision for anyone to make, but for the sake of sanity, sometimes hard decisions have to be made. To fill you in, a user made a very very inappropriate post to @leaf


No in fact I think she had narcissistic personality disorder. But that’s just a suspicion and I’m definitely not qualified to diagnose something as complicated as personality disorders. That’s why it would be great if she would seek professional help. She has so much going for her if only she would tend to her dishonesty.


Relax @dollar_menu it’s ok. I hope I didn’t offend. Just trying to bring you up to speed :hugs:


Lol I’m relaxed… just trying to help out with the poster with the mustache delusion.


Ok I know I tend to have a bite at times @dollar_menu and I didn’t want to offend you :hugs:


It’s ok @Freedom-of-speech you are so sweet to be protecting me like you are and to be supporting me. I really needed that. I guess not everyone is going to agree with my decision, and that’s ok. If only they walked a mile in my shoes. If I had been firmer with her in the past maybe I wouldn’t be having to be so firm now. But with our children we don’t always know what is the best course of action in teaching them. All I can do is my best, that’s all I’ve ever done.


Np, there is so much toxicity in my family that most would find delusional. Thankfully, I’ve learned life lessons so that I was capable of being there for you. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I have to keep my impulses in check


You didn’t offend. I guess I was playing devils advocate and wanted to explore a different side because I thought it was lacking.

Edit: @leaf like I said you have the most info and therefore you can make the best decisions. It sounds like you already have conviction. Regret is a theme for me. And I always think about ways to mitigate it.


I think it’s great. You’re a little spitfire and obviously a loyal friend.


You know you’re right about regret. I already have regrets but I have to go by what I’ve already said or my words mean nothing.


how can you regret teaching your daughter that there are consequences in this world. She might hit rock bottom but at least you tried. Imho blood doesn’t mean ■■■■ if that relative ■■■■ on you. Just take your meds, listen to what healthcare team says and move forward. Life is about choices no matter how painful they can be. Besides, recently I’d seen how this has been negatively triggering you. There comes a point when health comes first and foremost


You’re right. I know you’re. Ok. I will. I can be strong. I have to focus on myself getting better.


Have you written down the pros and cons of your decision. Seeing it on pAper and realizing the abuse that happend can help you change your thought process. Look at the evidence before you…it helps me


I can try that. It’s actually a no brainer. Our homes are our sanctuaries. If we don’t feel safe and secure in out homes something is definitely wrong. All I told her was that she isn’t welcome in my home anymore. I told her we could meet at the park or a restaurant to be able to spend time. So I didn’t completely cut her off. I just fortified my sanctuary.


Gold :star:️ I hope the best for your family


That sounds good Leaf, I thought you were taking a harder line in the sand, and creating an ultimatum situation. Those things can cause grudges and silent treatments in and of themselves. I thought this scenario had the potential to be prolonged. But you left a door open to communication, and that will protect your mind. I think you handled it the right way.


Ty for qualifying where you were coming from @dollar_menu younearn respect when you rationalize behaviors :hugs:


The last time she stole from me, a few months ago, she stole a roll of quarters that was for the laundry room. At that time I restricted her from going anywhere in the house except the living room or the bathroom. That was not enough of a restriction because she still found a way to steal from me which I would have never thought of. She went into my computer and used my paypal account to send money to a paypal card. She’s a very bright criminal. Thankfully it was only $20. It could have been so much more money and I could have ended up bouncing the rent check or my loan payment. It really scared me so that’s why I don’t want her in my house because I don’t know what other ways she can rob me. She’s also stolen coins from my coin collection and gold jewelry I got from my husband.


Your truth isn’t the universal truth. It’s just your opinion. Don’t offend people, it’s not nice.

@leaf you’ve done all you can for your daughter, for the time being.
You need to cut yourself some slack and realise that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. It’s really up to your daughter to try turn her life around now. She needs to figure this out on her own now, in my opinion.

You’re a wonderful person, and i truly believe you have been through enough of this. Stay strong and remember to protect yourself, and your family.

Love youuuu x


Thank you honey. Kiss that piglet for me. Love you too.