Sheri, you're a lovely person - but wait what's this we can't afford to be innocent?

How are you, Daze?

Getting ready for Christmas yet? :smile:

(Okay…just saw your Christmas crafts thread. Nice!)

Kinda my gifts are mostly homemade except my daughter sushi kit and her husband calligraphy kit.

What your kids getting?

The girls are keen on these Hatchimals…apparently all the rage this year.

Oh don’t know anything about it.

But yeah I got a cool wind sock today and new lights for tree.

Spent next to nothing.

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These are Hatchimals…

Wow! Wait they come outta that egg?

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Would make a nice gift for the Bruce Willis poster on this site. :wink:

you were able to use the b-word in your title. I wonder how long it’ll take me to be able to do that…

just kidding…

How come we can say bitch…lol…that’s a terrible word…

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some things are better left unanswered…right? regardless, I aint eva usin no b-word, my nugget!

I still remember the look on my brother’s face, when he caught me cursing while playing Call of Duty :frowning:

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I’ve never called any woman the b word…I have called some dudes this word…I’ve never used it in its proper function either…female dog…we can’t say d*ck it just seems odd we can say bitch…

I cuss àlot playing call of duty…I’m not that great at multiplayer…except zombies…

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New subject line: When are you going to stop being a lovely person Sheri and posting lovely words
for all the lovely people?


My phone is dead.

I don’t have my Phil’s number.

I think I got my cord wet.

Idk what to do without my phone.

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Don’t stop being a lovely person!

Happy Thanksgiving @Daze :tada:

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ha, you are too kind, honey. just for that I’m going to find a a funny pic. the babes sitting on a turtle.


Sorry about your phone. Try sticking it in a bag of rice to dry it out. Don’t turn it on until its dry.

That is an amazing turtle, where did you take that picture?

Omaha Zoo, one of the best. I do recommend that place.


you too, @Samp


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