She was real though

They said it was a delusion but it was only a spirit speaking the way that a spirit speaks.

It was a metaphor.

So, i went to the bathroom with them breathing down my neck for the entire month beginning on halloween. I had to go, and i had to go with them with me.

So, there i am sitting on the camode trying to use the restroom with an evil entity talking to me in my head.

And what does it say? That there is an evil evil queen down in there, she was down there eating my feces and having a bunch of feces loving kids. She stared at me in my mind, wearing her crown and having an awful look on her face, with all of her kids around her.

Well, come to find out she was real, just not literally, but she turned out to be very real in a way.

It’s like when they were force feeding me horrible mental images of them having charge over the earth, a large face with fangs looking down on us in the sunset sky. It’s just the way they talk sometimes.

She is real, and she and her brood love eating ■■■■. I had never been so uncomfortable in all of my life until there was a demon with me while i went to the bathroom telling me that this evil whore was down there with all of her evil brood eating ■■■■.

Kind of like stephen king’s “it” when the clown was acting like a woman to trick the girl who had returned to town. All of a sudden the tea the woman had served turned to ■■■■ and the girl looked up and there she was eating the ■■■■. Gaddam evil alien clown.

They don’t really tell people that the clown in that book is real when they sell it to them do they? Yeah, that clown is very real, and yeah, he parades around the earth doing exactly what he does in the book, although it isn’t confined to just those things.

And ill be out on the balcony smoking sometimes and they will say " what would you do if we just ran by right now, would you be surprised?" It’s fuqing horrible! They say “but you’ve already seen us, why would you be surprised or afraid?” Hell i don’t know, perhaps because of the seemingly endless torment, and the fact that i have to take poisonous ■■■■ because you won’t leave me alone?. Maybe.

They’ll say “what if a goat legged man just ran by, like in your psychosis.” It’s really creepy shyte actually being asked these things by your tormentors, whoever they are and however they do it.

And to top it all off im surrounded by people who demand that i be happy and thankful for it and about it, perhaps i should appreciate being murdered right?

Now if you’ll excuse me i have to go smoke and probably look at the same times on the clock over and over again at random.

you sound like you’ve seen better times, pansdisease. I hope you that you dont have these experiences that often, do you?