She cares after all

My partner always said she hated my frog. This morning when she got home from work she got jasper night crawlers. He went without them for awhile cause no one in town had any.

Freshly cleaned tote…no hes not there


That was nice :+1:


Thank you, she said jasper’s important to me that’s why when she got off work she called around to the gas stations and finally found one that has some.


I was thinking today about I might donate money to an animal shelter in my niece’s name for Xmas. I personally think people are more important but that’s my niece’s passion and I understand that. Maybe she doesn’t have the same passion as you but she sees how important Jasper is to you.

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@cbbrown aww how nice of her to do that for you !! miss you on here…


I love her. She has stuck up for me against her parents but things are getting harder for her too. We only get so much money left over to spend on the animals and on things we need.

@jukebox thanks I appreciate it and your other post.

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