She called me trash

Then after my pdoc appointment. I could hear her saying horrible so stuff. My caseworker was gone today so I had another caseworker. When we were making the next appt. The caseworker had asked me what I was hearing.

I said I’m not worrying about it. Because you were in on it too. So dont think I’m stupid and can’t see through your ■■■■.

Where the hell did that lady come from anyway?

I told my pdoc I think they’re talking about me. Which no one is. Ain’t gonna stop you anyway.

Generally, it’s not a good idea to make a habit of cussing at caseworkers or therapists or psychiatrists. They get paid to help you.

She said trash. Loud and clear. WTH are you talking about? I don’t curse my caseworker or pdoc.

Yeah I get very suspicious about my psychiatrist and case managers. I think they are conspiring against me and it’s hard to convince myself that it is the illness talking.

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